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Our expert team provides professional wheel installation services to ensure your vehicle's wheels are properly fitted and secure

We understand the importance of precision when it comes to wheel installation, as it directly impacts your driving experience and safety. Whether you’re upgrading to new wheels or simply need replacements, our skilled mechanics will handle the process with utmost care and attention to detail. Trust us to get your wheels installed efficiently, so you can hit the road with confidence.

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By choosing our wheel straightening services, you can avoid further damage and ensure a smooth and safe ride

If you’ve encountered a pothole or hit a curb, it’s possible that your wheels might have suffered misalignment or bends. We are equipped to perform expert wheel straightening services. Using specialised techniques and equipment, we carefully assess and straighten bent wheels to restore their original shape and structural integrity.

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Proper wheel balancing not only enhances your comfort on the road but also extends the lifespan of your tyres

Tyre and wheel balancing is crucial for a vibration-free driving experience. We offer professional wheel balancing services to distribute the weight evenly across all wheels. Our team uses precision tools to identify any imbalances and strategically place counterweights to achieve optimal balance.

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With our puncture repair services, you can trust that your tyres will be in reliable condition, giving you peace of mind during your travels.

Dealing with a flat tyre can be frustrating, but our puncture repair services are here to get you back on track swiftly. We specialise in efficiently repairing punctured tyres, ensuring they are safe and ready for the road. Our experienced technicians carefully inspect the tyre for damages and provide effective repairs to seal the puncture securely.

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Wheel Installation

Efficient and Secure

Wheel Straightening

Expert Service to Restore Bent Wheels

Wheel Balancing

Smooth and Vibration-Free Drives

Puncture Repair

Swift and Reliable Tyre Puncture Repairs



What Our Clients Say

  • Cónall Murphy

    Highly recommend, guy was here in no time and changed my whole tire in a flash, gentleman and very professional, will definitely be using him again unfortunately 🤣🤣

  • Clare Rush

    They didn’t have my tyres in stock that day but quickly put in an order, and rang me first thing the next day and I got sorted. Reasonable prices and friendly service. Would return again no problem, Thanks!
  • Laura Mcclenaghan

    Big thank you to the boss man who came an fixed my tyre today at the garage Stewartstown road, id been in a rush to pick up my son who was sick had to get a lift to get him but he came an fixed my tyre very quickly!! thank you so so much your a star 🌟

  • Kelly McCartan

    Got 4 brand new tyres on my car today! Didn’t even realise they were as bad as they were! Great fast & efficient service! And at a great price too! Would defo recommend! Call in for your free tyre check! ☺️

  • Faulkner Jj

    Went here for the first time to day.. To get a tyre then to realise my wheel nut was broke 😩but with the boys were fab and kept at it untill the wheel finaly came of just want to say thank u so much for the new tyre all deffo be back 🔙 thanks again